Licenced Coaches

Well done for making the decision to Find A Coach, it is a life changing decision. We trust that you will already know there are many types of coaches and coaching styles available to you. We are delighted that you are looking for the best as we believe you deserve a coaching relationship that offers you the most value in terms of partnering for your needs.

The only way to achieve that is to partner with a coach that is trained beyond the normal logical coaching competencies and activities and have a deep understanding of neurological application of coaching. This is where the WACN comes in to play, it is the most evolved and advanced version of coaching because it is Whole-system, Integrated with Neuroscience (WIN)

The WACN WIN coaches you will find here have proven themselves to bring a strength and power to coaching that elevates their offering of coaching far beyond what you can get anywhere else.

Because WACN WIN Licensed coaches are the most evolved and industry relevant coaches currently in the market place.

Licensed coaches are categorised in to 4 key areas

As coaching is life change, we advise when choosing a Coach it is essential to do your homework and do a chemistry check. Homework enables you make a logical decision, chemistry check enables you make a neuro-logical decision.

  • Alex Hanley

    Change is my wheelhouse. I’ve been through the mill and discovered my passion; helping other people find their passion in life. Whether you want to change career direction, change your personal circumstances or even change your relationship with yourse …

  • James Dean

  • Annick Doza

    Annick Doza, obtained her first Coaching Award with the Irish Management Institute. She soon upgraded her skills with the Advanced Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience as well as Coaching with Neurowellness. She loves connecting to people and being th …

  • Dana Fülles

    I’m a Life & Career Coach and German expat, born and raised in the Black Forest, Germany who followed her heart to Ireland in 2016. I made it my mission to help people to make courageous and authentic decisions and go for what they really want. Be …

  • Shauna Moran

    Shauna is the founder of Operate Remote and is a qualified business and executive coach, mentor & consultant that specialises in remote working. Shauna works with a range of entrepreneurs, organisations, individuals, and more — to help them to unco …

  • Gillian O’Donohue

    Based in Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath and covering most of Leinster, Gillian O’Donohue, lead coach and owner at Perpetual Potential, is an accredited Executive, Career and Business coach. With over 15 years’ experience of professional people development, Gi …

  • Dairín Patry

    Passionate about the Positive Power of Coaching. ​Working closely with people to help them get the best out of their lives, career and their sense of well-being and fulfilment is Dairín’s passion and drive in life.  Her career started out in hotel mana …

  • Angela McEvitt

    Angela is a leader in self-help and new thought spirituality, she has over 12 years experience in personal development and alternative healing methodologies. Over these years she has continued to learn the importance of listening to the body‚ how to cr …

  • Clara O’Keeffe

    Clara has an Advanced Diploma in Executive, Life and Neuroperformance Coaching as well as a Certificate in Neurowellness Coaching from PSG. She continues to learn and grow as a coach through CPD to bring her clients the latest thinking in coaching. She …

  • Coachyz

    We are an early stage coaching practice, working with young individuals who are looking to develop the leadership capabilities as well as professional success and life fulfilment.

  • Orla King

    She is passionate about people development, helping and enabling people to shed self-doubt, strengthen beliefs, guide others to overcome real and imagined obstacles to achievement and creating a better, fun and fulfilling life. Orla has over 25 years’ …

  • Sara de Miguel Hernandez

    “Everyone deserves to live their best life, whatever their choice of life is”. That is my company’s Flowithme motto and what I believe in when I am working with my clients. This is what motivates me and what has helped me to win the 2019 AIB Women in E …

  • Catriona Kirwan

    Catriona is a Workplace and Neuro-wellness coach. Her passion is to inspire her clients to prioritise their own wellbeing in order to show up energised and at their best on a daily basis. Using the latest neuroscience research as well as focussing on t …

  • Esther Fernández

    My name is Esther and I am a Presence Coach. I am also an accredited Life and Executive Coach and a licensed member of the World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience (WACN)  with +20 years experience in the Corporate business. It is my believe tha …

  • Aideen Shannon

    Aideen is a qualified Executive Career and Life Coach with a lifelong love of learning, positive psychology and neuroscience helping others navigate through their various transitions in life and career. Continually investing in CPD I am a qualified Neu …

  • Laura Puchtler

    Hello there! I am Laura and I have qualified as a WIN PRO Coach in December 2019. I am from Austria initially and have been living and working in Dublin for three years. I am a firm believer in the balance of life, the beauty of willpower and the fact …

  • Ciara Bruton

    Ciara Bruton is an Accredited Life Coach with a specialism in Neuro-Wellness The Internal Transformation Ciara has an exceptional ability to hear and see her clients and in communicating this, she enables her clients to gain insights and realisations a …

  • Richella Boggan

    Executive and Business Coach, Sales and Whole-system Wellness and Neuro Performance Coach, Director of Global Business Solutions at Positive Success Group Richella has 30 years’ experience at being able to scale and grow the businesses she has lead thr …

  • Fiona Walsh

    Fiona operates in both the executive and life coaching space. She loves getting to know people and building relationships and does this with empathy and curiosity. Originally a scientist, Fiona has held a wide range of roles in both the cosmetics and p …

  • Jennifer Maher

    Jennifer Maher is an Accredited Life & Executive Coach based in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. A thought leader, qualified trainer and facilitator. Jennifer has a twenty year background in Financial Services working on projects, navigating change both opera …

  • Lucia Pes

    Hi! I’m Lucia Pes and I am a Coach for Millennials & the future generations + Neurowellness Coach. My Coaching ranges from the young adults who are looking for the next step after their Leaving Certificate and to those people who want to significan …

  • Patricia Tiernan

    Patricia Tiernan is a qualified Career and Life Coach with over 15 years experience working in Human Resources. She owns and runs a successful Coaching and Training business, Leap Coaching since 2012. Her educational qualifications include an MSc in Pe …

  • John OBrien

    John O’Brien is an accredited Executive and Life coach and the proud founder of Mindset, based in Co.Clare. John coaching expertise focuses on but is not exclusive to the following areas. Busy professional, aspiring athletes, emerging busines …

  • D Karen Willis

    With a background in healthcare management, Karen was empowered to discover what is important in her own career and as a Career Coach and a Professional Medical Coach, she specialises in empowering women to discover their new career plans or to change …

  • Glen Byrne

  • Carla Hartnett

    Hi, my name is Carla and I am a professional coach who is extremely passionate about delivering high value to my clients.  My goal is to enable my clients to achieve meaningful and quality results.  I bring high energy and a wealth of knowledge and exp …

  • Jean O’Neill

    I’m an Executive & Life Coach, Career Coach and NeuroWellness Coach.  Working together in a confidential co-active and co-creative partnership I am passionate and dedicated to supporting people in various aspects of their personal and professional …

  • Shane Burke

    “The interesting thing about coaching is that you have to trouble the comfortable, and comfort the troubled.” Meet Shane, A Qualified Executive Life & Style Coach . With a passion for Life, Style and Empowerment, Shane is passionate about inspiring …