Licenced Coaches

Well done for making the decision to Find A Coach, it is a life changing decision. We trust that you will already know there are many types of coaches and coaching styles available to you. We are delighted that you are looking for the best as we believe you deserve a coaching relationship that offers you the most value in terms of partnering for your needs.

The only way to achieve that is to partner with a coach that is trained beyond the normal logical coaching competencies and activities and have a deep understanding of neurological application of coaching. This is where the WACN comes in to play, it is the most evolved and advanced version of coaching because it is Whole-system, Integrated with Neuroscience (WIN)

The WACN WIN coaches you will find here have proven themselves to bring a strength and power to coaching that elevates their offering of coaching far beyond what you can get anywhere else.

Because WACN WIN Licensed coaches are the most evolved and industry relevant coaches currently in the market place.

Licensed coaches are categorised in to 4 key areas

As coaching is life change, we advise when choosing a Coach it is essential to do your homework and do a chemistry check. Homework enables you make a logical decision, chemistry check enables you make a neuro-logical decision.

  • Michelle O’Sullivan

    Michelle has over 21 years HR experience working at senior leadership level in a multi-national investment bank. She has transitioned from her corporate role to coach & mentor. With a long standing & successful career, Michelle leverages this e …

  • Shane Burke

    “The interesting thing about coaching is that you have to trouble the comfortable, and comfort the troubled.” Meet Shane, A Qualified Executive Life & Style Coach . With a passion for Life, Style and Empowerment, Shane is passionate about inspiring …

  • Clara O’Keeffe

    Clara has an Advanced Diploma in Executive, Life and Neuroperformance Coaching as well as a Certificate in Neurowellness Coaching from PSG. She continues to learn and grow as a coach through CPD to bring her clients the latest thinking in coaching. She …

  • Angela Schloer

    Angela is passionate about how humans succeed within the organizational arena. Angela started her career after graduating with a Psychology degree from a leading University in the Philippines where she first discovered the amazing link between the huma …

  • Margaret Gilbert

    Margaret has a supportive and empathetic energy about her that empowers people to see things from a different perspective, identify goals and feel motivated to get where they want to go to achieve their full potential. Margaret with her extensive exper …

  • Sergio Durá Fernández

    I am a Life & Career Coach with more than 5 years of experience in the fast paced and dynamic tech corporate world including Google where I have been focused not just in scaling and growing businesses but also helping teams accelerate and get unstu …

  • Lisa Hughes

    Here’s the thing.  Your work is an intrinsic part of your life. They’re indivisible. And most of us work in an area that we at least have some interest in.   At Arena we think that everybody deserves to do work that they love, that uses their strengths …

  • Glen Byrne

  • Angela McEvitt

    Angela is a leader in self-help and new thought spirituality, she has over 13 years experience in personal development and alternative healing methodologies. Over these years she has continued to learn the importance of listening to the body‚ how to cr …

  • Catriona Kirwan

    Catriona is a Professional Career and Personal Performance coach with a passion for inspiring  her clients to achieve their personal or professional potential through WIN coaching.Her encouraging non-judgemental coaching style sets her clients at ease …

  • Fiona Murray

    I work with anyone who wants to radically change their lives, know who they are, and have the courage to take the necessary steps to move forward. I develop a co-active relationship with my clients to bring them to the awareness that they have the reso …

  • Orla King

    She is passionate about people development, helping and enabling people to shed self-doubt, strengthen beliefs, guide others to overcome real and imagined obstacles to achievement and creating a better, fun and fulfilling life. Orla has over 25 years’ …

  • Fiona Callan

    Coaching to be … Do you want to get from where you are to where you want to be? Undertake a learning journey whilst making positive change.  Reveal your creativity and capabilities, become excited about change and achieve the results that you want – in …

  • Dairín Patry

    Passionate about the Positive Power of Coaching. ​Working closely with people to help them get the best out of their lives, career and their sense of well-being and fulfilment is Dairín’s passion and drive in life.  Her career started out in hotel mana …

  • John OBrien

    John O’Brien is an accredited Executive and Life coach and the proud founder of Mindset, based in Co.Clare. John coaching expertise focuses on but is not exclusive to the following areas. Busy professional, aspiring athletes, emerging busines …

  • Amy Kirwan

      Having worked extensively in the corporate & customer facing arena and as a working mother, I coach people in all walks of life as we navigate life’s challenges. Coaching changes the lives of so many & as a certified coach, I find it a p …

  • Patricia Tiernan

    Patricia Tiernan is a qualified Career and Life Coach with over 15 years experience working in Human Resources. She owns and runs a successful Coaching and Training business, Leap Coaching since 2012. Her educational qualifications include an MSc in Pe …

  • Laura Puchtler

    Hi, I’m Laura and I am a professional coach for performance, balance and freedom.  I am a firm believer in the balance of life, the beauty of willpower and the fact that anything is possible. That’s what I love about coaching: that no matter how big an …

  • Jean O’Neill

    I’m an Executive & Life Coach, Career Coach and NeuroWellness Coach.  Working together in a confidential co-active and co-creative partnership I am passionate and dedicated to supporting people in various aspects of their personal and professional …

  • Olive Murphy

    For over 10 years Olive has successfully recruited all levels in the Pharmaceutical, Property and Financial sectors and more recently effectively coached a large number of senior public & private sector individuals to reach the highest levels of th …

  • Richella Boggan

    Executive and Business Coach, Sales and Whole-system Wellness and Neuro Performance Coach, Director of Global Business Solutions at Positive Success Group Richella has 30 years’ experience at being able to scale and grow the businesses she has lead thr …

  • Cathy O’Gorman Corbett

    Hello, my name is Cathy. I am a business professional, and Entrepreneur, an Adventurer, a  Qualified Practitioner in Coaching with Neuroscience, and  certified WIN Coach. I am also a Certified Practitioner of EQ- i 2.0 and EQ 360 (Emotional Intelligenc …

  • Life Coach Ireland Holistic Ciara Bruton

    Ciara Bruton

    Ciara Bruton is a Holistic Life & Business Coach who is passionate about empowering spiritual people in Ireland to use their gifts & follow their intuition to create the life & business that fills their soul.

  • Stephen McDonnell

    Stephen McDonnell founder of Timesworth Ltd., is a change enabler, working with leaders and business owners to join the dots, enabling transformational change in their business / lives. Stephen’s passion is people and enabling their full potential. Ste …

  • Aideen Shannon

    Aideen is a qualified Executive Career and Life Coach with a lifelong love of learning, positive psychology and neuroscience helping others navigate through their various transitions in life and career. Continually investing in CPD I am a qualified Neu …

  • Neeve Guinnane

    Neeve has 23 years in the Corporate environment predominately in the fast paced ever changing Global Tech Industry including Facebook & LinkedIn. She was a Human Resources (HR) Professional and majority of her HR career was in the UK and she moved …

  • Simon Gallagher

    “When writing your story, don’t let someone else hold the pen” Hi, I’m Simon and I am a qualified Professional and Personal Life Coach. I have been working for 15 years globally across scientific research groups and multinationals, building cross cultu …

  • D Karen Willis

    With a background in healthcare management, Karen was empowered to discover what is important in her own career and as a Career Coach and a Professional Medical Coach, she specialises in empowering women to discover their new career plans or to change …