Coach Profile

Ciara Bruton

Ciara Bruton is an Accredited Life Coach with a specialism in Neuro-Wellness

The Internal Transformation

Ciara has an exceptional ability to hear and see her clients and in communicating this, she enables her clients to gain insights and realisations and ultimately transformation in her coaching sessions.  The clarity her clients gain, coupled with accountability to take action, leads to her clients achieving and living their personalised version of success.

This is not a simple matter of setting goals and ticking them off. It’s about the transformation that needs to happen internally in order for that new version of you to become your new normal.  Ciara believes that each person has the answers within themselves and her coaching empowers clients throughout this process of uncovering, understanding and evolving.

The Support of Coaching

Coaching is for anyone who wants to support themselves to transform and evolve into a new version of themselves. When you dedicate time, energy, support and intention to focus on what’s really important to you, you’re committing to making it happen. You’re safeguarding yourself to have support when it gets tough, you’re saying the words out loud to another human who will believe in you and you’re committing to take action action between calls. Coaching is a supportive relationship that you can choose to ensure your success.

About Ciara

Ciara is passionate about coaching as it supports her personal values of self-awareness and growth. She is personally very interested in meditation, mindful simple living, natural health and wellbeing.  Her personal journey has been about having the courage to stop living a life that looked good on the outside, but felt bad on the inside, and starting to live a life that feels right for her. She is a big believer in listening to your gut (even if it doesn’t make sense to your mind). She believes that knowing oneself and operating from a place of inner connection means that your inner compass will guide you in exactly the right direction… Towards a life of joy and alignment.  We just have to brave enough to listen. Ciara loves to support people to design a lifestyle or business that they wholeheartedly love.