Coach Profile

Catriona Kirwan

Catriona is a Workplace and Neuro-wellness coach. Her passion is to inspire her clients to prioritise their own wellbeing in order to show up energised and at their best on a daily basis. Using the latest neuroscience research as well as focussing on the client’s individual values and beliefs, she works with clients enabling them to set and achieve meaningful goals around their purpose, their self-care and their focus & attention allowing them to perform at peak without compromising on their health and wellbeing.The introduction of simple new empowering daily habits that stimulate new neural pathways in the brain which undoubtedly increase brain agility is something she is passionate about.

Catriona has 20 years plus working as a health care professional and brings that bank of knowledge and experience into her coaching sessions.

Catriona also does group talks and presentations on whole system wellness and developing strategies to stay Neuro-well in an increasingly demanding environment