Course Accreditation Benefits

WACN Accreditation is earned by providers who have proven that their curriculum and learning environment supports the Whole-system Integrated with Neuroscience agenda.

SELF and self-development is crucial to coaching with neuroscience. WACN Course accreditation demonstrates the quality mark and proves the standard of understanding when it comes to human development and growth.

Business Development

Traditional coaching training no longer meets clients or organisation’s needs because at the centre of its offering is a logical table of competencies set out for many years as a solution to bring order and structure to conversations. That worked for a while and is still quite prevalent as ‘the standard’ for coaching, however as more and more evidence is proving it no longer works.

Clients and businesses who keep experiencing traditional coaching are demanding the change.

WACN has moved on. As much as technology, medicine and automation has evolved, so have humans and therefore so must coaching.

Coaching has to move from logical to bio-logical!

Professional Development


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Ethics and standards in practice


Future focused with relationship intelligence.


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