WACN accredited courses recognise that humans are not logical, they are bio-logical. Therefore no amount of focus on competencies and taking a logical approach to coaching will ever fully hit the mark the client is trying to reach.

The focus of the WACN accredited courses is based on research confirming through neuroscience that TRUST is key to the most powerful coaching relationships. Research informs us that it’s the neuroscience signals shared in the open-loop system between the two humans that is key to creating or damaging that TRUST. This is a neurobiological transfer of data between two humans.

WACN courses have the most evolved coaching biological model of Art-Neuroscience-Art for applied coaching practitioners.

We are calling out to all training providers, inside and outside of organisations to quickly move to coach development that has a deep understanding of neurobiology, relationship intelligence and marries academic excellence with accessible and applicable learning experiences.

If you would like your course accredited by the WACN, please email with your details and they will respond with application details.


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