Core Principals & Competencies

Ive learned that people will forget what you said, people will forge what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

– Maya Angelou

The challenge for coaching today is that it needs to evolve out of the cycle of accepting standardised logical competency mediocre based coaching as the bench mark for great. It no longer serves the purpose for our new normal and is delaying the new bar for great coaching shining through for the greater good.

Traditional coaching training no longer meets clients or organisation’s needs because at the centre of its offering is a logical table of competencies set out many years as a solution to bring order and structure to conversations. That worked for a while and is still quite prevalent as ‘the standard’ for coaching, however as more and more evidence is proving it no longer works, and this is changing.

Coaching with neuroscience is the only way to support this challenge because it brings ‘whole-system integrated with neuroscience (WIN) process that fully understand the neurobiology of the humans that show up in coach and client role.

Clients and businesses who keep experiencing traditional coaching are demanding the change.

WACN has stepped up and forward.

As much as technology, medicine and automation has evolved, so has our understanding of the science of humans as whole-systems and therefore so must coaching.

Coaching has to move from logical to bio-logical this is where the WACN comes in.


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