The science of humans is biological, not logical. Traditional coaching brings short term shots of success by focusing on linear and logical solutions.  No matter how hard you try, how much reading you do or how many webinars you watch, the only way to bring a deeper power to ourselves and our clients is to deepen the work you do on your ‘being’. 

The WACN is deeper than traditional coaching because it is not just intellectual or emotional or spiritual or mental, it’s the quiet conscious intentional space of ‘BEING’. It is knowing how to regulate our own energy system of ‘being’ in order to be proficient in co-regulating the energy systems of our clients.


WACN Members Relationship Intelligence

As a member you will have many opportunities to engage in coaching – both as a coach and as a member. This is one of the reasons why the WACN is so successful.  We endeavour to ensure you have many healthy human experiences with like-minded people that supports you as a high quality coach. 

Whether you are practicing in class with peers, attending your professional coach or coaching your own clients, pro-bono or otherwise, you are required at all times to demonstrate the following values, behaviours and attitudes. Failing to do so is a breach of WACN coaching behaviour guidelines  and its code of ethics, which could result in you failing to keep your accreditation licence.

To engage in a healthy coaching relationship as a WACN member you need to practice the following:

Coaching Values

Coaching Behaviours

Coaching Attitude














Aligned to Ethics


Attentive and Focused



Willingness to Engage 

Positively Challenging




Nurturing Growth



This Power Hour of Practice will enable you to

  • Work with and experience another like-minded coach who understands the value of coaching practice.
  • Build your practice hours while building your confidence to coach
  • Be coached in a safe environment to support your own growth and development
  • Build your self-awareness and strengthen your skills
  • Be respected for whatever level of coaching experience you are at while supporting your progress

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to enjoy the benefits of our supportive and progressive community & learning pathways.

By becoming a member of WACN's network, you become eligible to progress through our advanced licensing pathway infrastructure while learning from an incredible community of coaches.  Our pathway infrastructure respects and allows for all stages of coaching development and experience.

It removes the out-dated, commercially focused limitation and need to demonstrate thousands of hours of repeat low-impact coaching quality and replaces it with a much more inclusive, relevant, yearly submittable quality coaching audit – a simple mechanism to prove your coaching quality, simple to provide your coaching evidence of practice, simple for you to continually achieve excellence.


Become a member of the future and evolution of the coaching profession.  Increase your marketability and credibility with our professionally audited and monitored yearly membership options. 

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