The primary aim of The World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience (WACN) is to service and drive the advancement and evolution of coaching and the coaching profession in the most sustainable, steadfast and trustworthy way.

WACN is proud to be the World’s first coaching association to include the most current and future focused application of neuroscience. WACN also includes the best of other diverse and traditional approaches to ensure it offers the most trusted, well-rounded, whole system integrated application of coaching. We call this People Science.

WACN faces reality and recognises the new world we live in, notices and respects the new intelligences we are developing as humans and responds to the complex agendas that show up in coaching with a new level of power and purpose. The core motivation, sense of purpose and calling of all coaches is to evoke transformation in others so it makes sense that the coaching professional also benefits from the power of our own work and steps up to transform.

Where We Are Now

Where we are right now as humans is that while we are making real progress with being more present, we are also currently experiencing and encountering stronger emotions than ever before.

Because of this, the nature of the agendas and challenges clients are facing are very different from three years ago. We now have the benefit of new high-definition awareness about how we work as humans from the inside which is helping us understand ourselves more. However, the outside conditions of work and life are even more pressurised and distracting than ever before. As coaches and coach developers, we have to be the ones that respond to the call of service to bring a higher-quality, more evolved and advanced version of coaching in to practice – this is what neuroscience brings and solves.

New Standards For Coaching

We can all see that the requirements of Coaching is very different today. All coaches need to prove that they have personal development at a much deeper level than before while also bringing a real understanding of people science including relationship intelligence, team development and head-heart-gut thinking.

In so many cases, coaches and people developers have not fully understood the true, deep impact our individual and collective chemistry has on our energy and therefore performance. Without this understanding, lots of cultures, coaches and clients alike, experience ‘lovely coaching’. That has all the competencies at play to a very well-practiced and high level but without meaningful engagement and truly impactful results.

The WACN Difference

WACN’s success comes from the space it creates to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. This creates the opportunity to bring meaning back or indeed new meaning to our client’s lives

WACN was collaboratively conceived at a point in time when coaching had evolved out of its infancy stage but the professional coaching bodies and associations needed to support it had not. The original and traditional competency-based approaches had huge commercial value due to scalability but, as with most businesses that grow, scale often results is loss of quality, restricted growth and limited opportunity to evolve.

When 12 months is an extremely long time in our ever-evolving world the WACN is committed to avoiding the limits of what’s comfortable just “because it works” and instead drive forward the most effective and efficient pathway for coaches and training programmes to bring the best of coaching into play. A place that honours the value of practice for professionals over the tenure of traditional.

An association where coaches and clients win in equal measure.

The WACN approach:

WACN views all humans as connected energy beings. The WACN’s focus is on understanding and being conscious, deliberate and responsible for the impact we have on the connections we make in coaching.

WACN sees Coaching in its simplest and most powerful form as an energy exchange.

Using neuroscience knowledge and techniques, coaches can now bring a more focused and attentive space for their clients to tap in to and unleash a much deeper and sustainable force to their desired outcomes.

The exchange can be within one human, between two humans or indeed one to many humans.

The impact and ripple of that exchange is very unique to the circumstance and is extremely difficult to measure. However what we do know is that if the coaching energy is primed with neuroscience the impact and reach is at its greatest.


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